"Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue."

- Plato



Inspired by the belief that the art of listening is fundamental to peace, harmony and understanding in our world, Ora Graphene Audio has partnered with Gustavo Dudamel's charity, The Dudamel Foundation to provide children of diverse backgrounds with access to quality listening experiences.

Ora is thrilled to support the arts and music education as catalysts in promoting more compassionate societies!


The Gustavo Dudamel Foundation is dedicated to the belief that the arts play an essential role in creating a more just and peaceful society. Music, in particular, provides a universal language that transcends our differences and has a unique capacity to build bridges of understanding among all peoples.


Music does more than nourish the human spirit. Its very practice instills focus and discipline, respect for others, a spirit of collaboration, and many other positive values that make us better citizens of the world. The Foundation's goal is to expand the opportunity to experience music for as many children and communities as possible. 


For inquiries regarding The Dudamel Foundation, please contact:

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